CBD Science

Why My Products Are Unique

I’ve tried CBD before and it didn’t work.

This is a very common complaint that I’ve heard from clients when contacting me. They’re skeptical. I can get it. 

I’ve been there and done that. Seeing CBD sold next to the cigarettes in the local convenience store or by the guy twirling a sign on the street corner does not give a huge boost of confidence in the product.

Here’s why my CBD is different

CBD degrades if it’s exposed to too much light, gets too warm, or is generally mistreated. Once a manufacturer creates their product, even under the best of circumstances, they cannot control what or how the post office or the store owner manages it. 

Simply Green Kitchen buys our CBD wholesale from a grower and lab in Colorado. I receive lab reports on each batch I buy from both the grower and independent lab showing me the purities of the tincture. 

Pesticides are never used on the crop and every plant is grown in the United States. 

What happens to the CBD when it arrives in Kingwood

My shipments are overnighted to my home. Immediately, I unpack, inspect and review the lab results. Then, the product is stored in a dark, temperature-controlled area of my home. 

The CBD that you or your beloved pet are taking is the highest quality and best preserved to ensure that you received the freshest products on the market. And you achieve and experience how life-changing CBD can be.