About Me

How I Got Into CBD!

Simply Green Kitchen was founded on the belief that plants should be tried before pills! And it was founded in my kitchen and yes, I test everything on my friends, family, and furry babies!

A year ago, I enrolled in a program to become a certified medicinal marijuana and CBD practitioner. I was immensely interested in trying plants before pills to treat common ailments. Good enough for the ancient Chinese, hippies in California… Good enough for me!

How I got here

While on a trip to Colorado, I visited a dispensary. This is just after marijuana was legalized. The owner heard me asking questions to an employee and pulled me aside to share her wealth of knowledge. Frankly, it sounded too good to be true. My husband and I purchased a few products and left.

However, I couldn’t quit thinking about my conversation which led me down many a rabbit holes on the Internet. While we were rebuilding our home from the Harvey flood, my husband and I used CBD cream on our aching backs and other joints. Surprisingly, we both agreed that it worked! Then, I shared our bottle with a family member who also found needed relief.

We have a Golden Retriever named Bodhi Miller (the kids are obsessed with the Winter Olympics) that is deathly afraid of thunder/fireworks/car trips/the sound of the lawnmower. I made him homemade dog treats with CBD to help relax him through all of these highly traumatic events! And guess what, y’all! They worked!

My elderly rescue Lab mix had reached the point that she couldn’t jump in the truck to help my husband drive. After a CBD cookie treat a day, she can be his co-pilot again.

But I’m skeptical by nature

What truly made me a believer was when I received a chemical burn on my hands. A margarita burn is legit. Google it! I added CBD oil to Eucerin and my hands finally began healing. I literally have no scarring. The doctor who examined my hands right after the incident suggested a series of laser treatments once the skin had healed. No need.

Back to today

Simply Green Kitchen became an LLC in November 2020. The same pet treats that I give my scaredy-cat Golden Retriever and antique rescue Lab I sell to other furry friend’s parents. Overwhelmingly, I hear, “Carolanne, they work!” There’s a bit of awe in their voice and I love it.

We haven’t been in business for a year yet, and I’ve already hired my kids to help keep up with demand. My 12-year-old is the head chef and mathematician. He’s constantly running formulas in his head to help improve our efficiency.  My 15-year-old takes care of my social media and advertising. If you clicked on this, it’s because of her.

I’m attending continuing education classes to make sure that I am on the cutting edge of CBD research and how it can benefit you and your fur babies. I love that my clientele includes both the doggy mom/dad and the doggy. Talk about living the dream….