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125 Hours of CBD Education

All US grown hemp
No pesticides
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My Products

The most important decision you make it what you put in your body. I purchase wholesale from highly vetted hemp growers who only grow in the US. All products are independent lab tested with results I’m happy to share. 

CBD Practitioner

My education is focused on an international approach to CBD. I studied scientific articles from all over the world focused on using CBD to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Plants Not Pills

 Our society has become quick to take meds with side effects and then add more pills to fix the side effects. Why not give plants a try? No side effects!

Risk Free

 I over free samples of everything I sell. This gives you the opportunity to make sure CBD will work for you before you purchase. 

US Grown

I only endorse CBD products that are harvested and created in the US.

Highest quality possible

All Natural